If you have a scheduled interview session with a company who uses CodeSignal Interview, this guide will help you successfully log in on the day of the interview. 

Step 1: Find your interview session URL

To access your interview session, all you need is the interview URL. Reference your interview invite email from the company who is interviewing you using CodeSignal. If the link is not in the email, please reach out directly to your contact at the company who is currently interviewing you. You will need the interview URL in order to access the interview session on the day of the interview. 

Step 2: Proceed forward as the Candidate

Once you click on the interview URL, you will see a page directing you to either proceed forward as the interviewer or as the candidate. Click I'm the Candidate to move forward. 

Step 3: Sign in to join the interview

You will see two options to join the interview session.

Option 1 - If you have used CodeSignal before, go ahead and click Log In. This applies to those who have taken assessments, test, interviews, and interacted with the developer platform. 

Option 2 - If this is your first time using CodeSignal, enter your email and full name in the provided fields, then click Enter As Guest

Once you sign into the interview session, the URL is tied to the email address. You will need to use the same email address at the time of the interview if you accessed it prior to the live session. 

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