Preface: Before you are able to log into CodeSignal to start conducting interviews, you need to have your email configured to be an interviewer by your company's CodeSignal admin. Verify you have access to CodeSignal as an Interviewer before you start your live interview session with a candidate. 

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Follow this quick and easy guide to successfully log in and start conducting interviews in CodeSignal Interview.  

Step 1: Find the interview URL for the candidate's session

You will need the interview URL created for the candidate's interview to access the live session. When you are invited to interview a candidate, the interview session link is typically included in the email invite. You can click on the link in the email to go directly to the interview login page. 

Step 2: Log in as the Interviewer 

Once you click the interview link, you will see a login page. Click I'm the Interviewer to proceed further as the interviewer for the session. 

Both the candidate and interviewer access the session via the same link, so it is important to:

  • Use your company email when signing into the interview session
  • Enter the session as the interviewer vs the candidate

Doing so will limit complications on the candidate's side when they click on the link to access the session. 

Step 3: Sign in via your company's preferred access method

You will see three options to sign into CodeSignal before you can start conducting an interview. If your company is not using SSO, you can choose between:

  • Sign in with Google
  • Sign in with Password

If your company is using SSO, always remember to Sign in with SSO.

Alternative method to access a live interview session

If you are already signed into CodeSignal Interview, you can go to the Pending tab and search for the candidate. Click the URL in the link column to the left of the candidate's name. 

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