Inviting interviewers and candidates to a remote interview session in CodeSignal is quick and easy. We dive into options for distributing the interview link and best practices to ensure a smooth interview session. 

Preface: Before you share the interview invite with the interviewer and candidate, you first need to create an interview session in CodeSignal. We have an entire article walking you through the steps to create an interview session. If you haven't already, review the article, then create your first interview session. 

How to share the interview link with the interviewer and candidate

Once you have created a pending interview session, you can share the interview URL with both the candidate and interviewer. Both the candidate and interviewer will access the interview session via the same URL. You have two options to copy the interview URL:

  • Once you create a new interview and click Save, a pop up with the URL is available to copy to your clipboard immediately.
  • If you missed the URL originally, you can always copy and share it from the Pending tab in the Link column to the left of the candidate's name.

The interview URL can be shared via the method you use when communicating with candidates and interviewers. If you have an email template in use for communication with candidates, embed the link in an email so the candidate can easily access it on the day of the interview.

Can more than one interviewer access a live interview session at a time?

The answer is yes! If it is necessary to have more than one interviewer participate in a candidate's live interview session, you can send the same interview URL to each interviewer. We recommend no more than three interviewers join in the same session. More than three interviewers in one session can lead to complications when the candidate attempts to join. Each interviewer or shadower will need to be configured as an interviewer in your company's CodeSignal account. Follow the steps in our Manage Your Team article to make sure all interviewers are properly configured before the day of the interview.
** Feedback regarding the candidate's interview performance is only able to be recorded one time. If multiple interviewers evaluate the same candidate in a session, delegate one team member to record the feedback per session.

Best practices for scheduling back to back interview sessions with the same candidate

If you find yourself scheduling back to back interview sessions with multiple team members to assess the same candidate, we have some advice. Create separate interview sessions for each interview block and share the URL with the appropriate interviewer. Doing so will prevent an interviewer from accidentally closing down the interview session after their block of time has finished and before the other interviewers have assessed the candidate. 

Consider how the interviewer and candidate will communicate during the interview

When it comes to communicating with the candidate during the live technical interview session, the interviewer has two options:

  • Use the company's preferred method of audio/video conferencing

The interviewer is welcome to use Zoom, Google Hangouts, or any other company preferred conferencing tool during the interview session. CodeSignal Interview will work alongside the conferencing tool so the candidate is able to code live in the CodeSignal IDE while communicating via audio/video in the company's preferred method. 

  • Use CodeSignal's internal live audio/video tool

CodeSignal Interview has a built in audio/video conferencing tool which allows interviewers to connect with candidates directly in the coding environment of the interview session. Refer to our article on Using Video Chat in Interviews article for a how to reference guide. 

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