Are you on the technical hiring team for your company? This article will give you the details on how to access CodeSignal as an interviewer so you can begin conducting remote interview sessions with candidates.  

Step 1: Request Access to CodeSignal

It is important to note you need to be invited to the CodeSignal platform before you can start conducting interviews in CodeSignal. Your company's CodeSignal admin is able to invite you or you may reach out to our customer success team.

Step 2: Accept the Email Invitation to Join CodeSignal 

Once you had been invited to join CodeSignal as an interviewer, you will receive an email invitation. Accept the email invite so your account is properly configured in CodeSignal.

Step 3: Log into CodeSignal and Prepare for Your Interview!

Now you have accepted the email invitation, you may go to CodeSignal and login. If your company uses SSO, always use the Sign In with SSO option. Companies not using SSO have the option to Sign in with Google or Sign In with Password

Once you are properly logged into CodeSignal Interview, take a look at the following articles to prepare yourself for upcoming live interview sessions. 

  • Create a New Interview Session
  • Preparing for your Interview
  • The CodeSignal Interview Dashboard 

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