CodeSignal Interview is an easy to use tool to manage your technical interview sessions remotely. This article will explore the features and functionality available in the CodeSignal Interview dashboard.

You will learn how to:

  • Navigate between interview stages
  • Create an interview session
  • Search and find candidates in the interview funnel
  • Review a candidate's interview session

We also have an excellent video resource which walks you through the functionality of CodeSignal Interview in more detail.

Once you log into CodeSignal, click on Interview to navigate into the CodeSignal Interview dashboard. 

CodeSignal Interview Stages

During the interview process, candidates will be in one of three states, which are also tabs on your Interview dashboard:

  • Pending - candidates who have recently been invited to an interview session that has not begun
  • Active - the sessions is moved to this state once the candidate and interviewer both enter the interview link
  • Finished - the interviewer has officially completed the interview by clicking the Finish button during the live session

Create a New Interview Session

From the CodeSignal Interview dashboard, you are able to create new interview sessions by clicking the + Create Interview tab at the top right of the window. 

Once you enter the candidate's name and click the Save button, the interview session will appear under the Pending tab. 

Search for Candidates Across Interview Stages

From the CodeSignal Interview dashboard, you can quickly search for a candidate by name and pin point their position across the three interview stages. Click on the search icon at the top right of the window, next to the Create Interview button. 

If the interview session was recently created, the candidate will most likely appear under the Pending tab. If you do not see the candidate in the Pending tab, click on the Active and Finished tab to see if they have moved into a new interview stage. 

Note: Once the candidate and interviewer both click on the interview URL, the session will be moved under the Active tab. This can happen before the scheduled interview time if both the candidate and interviewer click the link to get an early look inside the platform.  

Review a Candidate's Completed Interview Session Results

When the interviewer has completed an interview with a candidate, the candidate's session will be moved under the Finished tab in your Interview dashboard. 

From here, it is easy to view a replay of the candidate's interview session by either clicking on the URL next to the candidate's name or clicking View Replay under the Actions column.   

If an interviewer left feedback regarding the candidate's interview session, you are able to view it under the Feedback tab in the interview replay.

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