Do you have an upcoming technical interview with a candidate that will be performed remotely using CodeSignal Interview? If so, follow the guidelines below to ensure you have a smooth hassle-free interview session. 

Step 1: Confirm you have access to CodeSignal Interview as an Interviewer
 In order to access the interview session as the interviewer, you will need to be configured as an interviewer in your company's CodeSignal account. The company admin will need to invite you to join the company's account. You will receive an email invitation, once invited, which will guide you through the process to enable your account in CodeSignal.  

Step 2: Log in and familiarize yourself with the interview tool and coding environment
Once you have accepted the email invitation and successfully enabled your CodeSignal account, you will have the opportunity to view your upcoming interview sessions under the Pending tab. 

Click on the link next to the candidate's name to access the interview session. If this is your first time interviewing candidate's in CodeSignal, we recommend you take a look at the interview coding environment in advance so you are familiar with the tool before the live interview session begins. 

Once you click the link, you will be in the interview session for the candidate selected. On the left side of the window, you will find three important tabs:

  • Description - Selected coding task details and description (visible to candidate)
  • Feedback - Area to record feedback regarding the candidate's interview session (not visible to candidate). NOTE: this feature may be disabled if your company requires feedback to be entered into your ATS only.
  • ReadMe - Important information regarding coding languages and verdicts (visible to candidate)

At the bottom of the window, you will find two helpful tools to use during the interview: 

  • Join Call -  Audio/Video capabilities directly within coding environment so you can easily connect with the candidate (optional)
  • Choose Task - Select a task from your Favorites library to use in the live interview session with the candidate

We have an entire article dedicated to important steps to take when conducting an interview which goes into more detail about the functionality mentioned above. 

Step 3: Align with your team and determine what tasks to use when evaluating candidates

Technical assessments are an excellent way to evaluate candidates on a level playing field. It is important to carry over the same unbiased approach when interviewing candidates in a live session. You can stay consistent by aligning with your team before the interview to determine what tasks in the library best assess the skills desired in a new hire.

Once you have determined the types of tasks to use in the interview session, you can favorite them for easy access during the live interview. Review the articles below for further detail on interview tasks and favorites. 

Step 4: Enter the interview session as an Interviewer during the live session

It is the day of the interview and you are wondering how to access the live session. You have two options to access the interview:

Option 1 - Click on the interview URL in your calendar invitation

Click I'm the Interviewer then proceed to login with your CodeSignal interview credentials. If your company uses SSO, always login via the SSO option. 

Option 2 - Log into CodeSignal and access the interview via your dashboard

If you are already logged into CodeSignal, or prefer to access interviews from your dashboard, click on the Interview tab. Click on the Pending tab then find your candidate. Click the hyperlink to the left of the candidate's name in the Link column to access the live interview session.

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