Were you recently invited to participate in a technical interview session through CodeSignal with a company? First of all, congrats! Now you are probably wondering what you can do to be prepared for your interview session so all runs smoothly on the big day. This handy guide will help set you up for success so all you need to worry about is your code shining during the live interview. 

Step 1: Verify you are using an up-to-date supported browser

To avoid unnecessary headaches on the day of your interview, check your browser version and make sure it is the most up-to-date version available. The article below will inform you on which browsers are supported.

Step 2 (Optional): Get familiar with the Coding Environment 

You can set up an account in CodeSignal as a developer and then complete coding challenges to familiarize yourself with the IDE. You can even practice for your technical interviews in the Interview Practice module. If you have the time and want to hone your skills before the interview, follow the steps below. 

1. Go to CodeSignal and click the For Developers tab. 

2. If you are new to CodeSignal, go ahead and Sign Up. If you are a returning developer, click the Log In button. 

3. Once you are logged in, you can access the Arcade to brush up on your coding skills and complete challenges. Simply hover over the CodeSignal icon to see Arcade in the drop down menu. 

4. Click on a task to enter the IDE. You can customize the IDE to code in a more comfortable environment. In the top right corner of the IDE, you can change the coding language and settings to adjust the theme, font size, auto-brackets, etc. The Read Me icon in the toolbar on the left side of the IDE contains helpful information regarding languages and verdicts. 

Step 3: Access your CodeSignal interview session

When you are invited to a technical interview session, you receive a link which you will need in order to access the interview. Once you click the interview link, you will see the option to start as an Interviewer or Candidate. Click I'm the Candidate

Option 1: If you have used CodeSignal before, including the developer mode mentioned above, click Log in. Enter your username and password in order to enter the interview session.
Option 2: If you are new to CodeSignal, enter your email and name in the fields provided, then click Enter As Guest. You will then enter the interview session.

NOTE: Once you click on the interview link and enter the session, the interview session is then tied to your email address. You are not able to access the interview link with a different email from this point forward. For best practices, use the same email address when entering the interview session to avoid login issues the day of your interview. 

Step 4: Let your coding skills shine!
Once you are logged into the interview session, you will be in a shared IDE with the person/s interviewing you. Customize the IDE to your coding preferences then complete the coding challenges set by the interviewer. 

CodeSignal Interview has a live video/audio feature which allows interviewers to communicate directly with candidates within the IDE. Check with your recruiter in advance to see what medium will be used for communicating in the remote interview session. You may need to allow CodeSignal to access your video and audio if the interviewer is using the built in conferencing tool within CodeSignal. 

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