In order to help save you time, CodeSignal has an integration in place for both Greenhouse and Lever ATS systems. You will save time in the candidate interview process as most CodeSignal actions can be completely directly within your ATS.

Greenhouse Integration

If your company is currently using Greenhouse to track applicants throughout the hiring process, CodeSignal can integrate with Greenhouse to streamline your work flow. The integration allows you to schedule CodeSignal interview sessions and send assessments and tests to candidates directly within Greenhouse. Take a look at each article below for details on how to set up the integration and maximize your time. 

Lever Integration

CodeSignal has an integration with Lever which allows you to schedule interview sessions directly within Lever. To send assessment and tests requests, it is easy to drop the test shareable link into your Lever email template. The article below will show you how to create interview sessions within Lever. 

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