Here are some tips for optimizing your team's usage of CodeSignal Interview. First and foremost, please ensure that each person who needs to create, conduct or review an interview session has a CodeSignal user license ahead of time. This is required in order to have sufficient permissions to perform any of these actions.

For Recruiters

TIP #1: Consider downloading the CodeSignal Chrome Extension to quickly generate interview sessions from any webpage!

TIP #2: Enter the candidate's first and last name in order to easily identify the pending interview session in CodeSignal if needed.

For Interviewers


If this is your first time using CodeSignal Interview, you must accept your email invitation to log into your company's CodeSignal account before you can conduct an interview. if this action is not taken, you run the risk of entering the session as a candidate. If you are not able to log in, please contact a CodeSignal Admin at your company or write to [email protected] for assistance.

TIP #1: We also strongly recommend that new interviewers conduct a mock interview session with a colleague. Give yourself time to get familiar with our amazing IDE features and functionalities!


1) The "interviewer" must log in using their credentials as associated with your organization's CodeSignal account (you may be required to log in via SSO if it is enabled for your company). This will ensure that you have interviewer permissions such as selecting tasks for the candidate to solve.

2) The "candidate" must log in with an email address that is not associated with your organization's CodeSignal account in order to be recognized as a non-interviewer.

TIP #2: Ahead of your interview, check with your team to determine which coding tasks should be used. You'll want to be consistent across candidates. 

TIP #3: Explore our task library of pre-existing tasks if you need to help your team identify suitable tasks. Here are the task types that are supported during live interviews.

TIP #4: You can create your own tasks to use during interviews if needed. If you need assistance, reach out to [email protected].

TIP #5: Mark certain tasks as Favorites for quick reference during your live interviews.

TIP #6: Once the interview is complete, be sure to end your interview session in order to view the coding replay of your session. 

Next, learn more about conducting interviews on CodeSignal:

Questions? Email [email protected].

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