Score range labels are a helpful way to segment candidates in CodeSignal by their test scores. You can set a score range for each test and create a label based on the score. You can create multiple score range labels per test to easily track specific pools of candidates.

Create a Results Label

1. Before you create a score range specific label, you need to create the label within your Labels tab. To do so, click on your Admin account tab in the top right of the page. Click Manage Labels

2. Under the Results Labels tab, click the +Label button on the right hand side.

3. Now you can name your label and apply a color to it for easy tracking. Click Create to save the label. Repeat the process to create additional labels as needed.

Create Score Range Labels

1. In the Test platform, click on the Test tab. Find the specific test you want to create score labels for and click on it. 

2. Click on the 3 vertical dots, next to the Invite button, then click on Edit.

3. Click on the Settings tab then scroll to the bottom of the page to see the Score Range Labels section. The maximum score for your test will show here for helpful context.

4. Click Add a range, then set the score range you wish to use for filtering candidates once scored.

5. Click Add label... next to the score range boxes to see a list of your pre-created labels. Select the label to assign it to the score range. 

You have the option to add additional score range labels to this test or delete ones no longer in use. 

6. Once you are finished, click Update at the top right of the page to save the score range labels. 

As candidates complete the test, the label will be automatically assigned based on the score range set for the test. You can filter candidate's results by label under the Results tab. The label will also appear in the candidate's coding report when you view a specific candidate's results. 

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