When you create a custom task on CodeSignal, you can use standard markdown syntax to format your text in a multitude of ways. This article outlines the most common uses of markdown in CodeSignal tasks.

Bullet Points

Add bullet points to your text using this syntax:

* text
* text
* text

Emphasis (italics)

Add italics to text using either of the following syntax: 

*text* or _text_


Add various headers to your text using the following syntax:

### H1
#### H2
##### H3


Add hyperlinks to your task description using this syntax: 

[text here](URL here)


Embed images within your task description using the syntax below. You can host your image using your desired tool, such as Gyazo, Imgur, or Photobucket.

![alt text](image URL here)

Strong Emphasis (bold)

Bold your text using the following syntax: 

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