CodeSignal’s skill testing tools are designed to create a friendly and simple experience for businesses and candidates alike. 

Here’s a quick video of what the candidate experience looks like.

The coding assessment process is pretty automated. You as the hiring manager sends out invites to take a specific assessment, based on the position your hiring and the skills needed for the role. 

Candidates then receive an email from the company inviting them to complete the selected assessment. Candidates will need to prepare themselves for the assessment by ensuring they have access to a webcam, their government ID, and an hour or so to complete the assessment. 

Candidates then verify their identity by enabling their webcam and microphone. They also enable screen recording, take a quick snapshot of themselves, and upload their government ID. All of these steps are to ensure they’re not getting help from external sources and they are who they say they are. 

Candidates can choose any of the over 40 languages we support to complete General Coding Assessment, one of the Certify assessments.. Specialized Coding Assessments on the other hand require specific coding languages because they are designed to test the proficiency in those specific languages. For example, JavaScript Core Assessment must be taken with JavaScript.. 

The candidate is then presented with a set of questions based on our testing frameworks to measure specific skills defined in the frameworks. Once the candidate has completed each question to their satisfaction, they can move onto the next. 

After they submit the assessment, a candidate can immediately see their results to identify their strengths and weaknesses. Candidates appreciate this feature as it gives them immediate feedback on their technical skills, allowing them to invest in future improvements in specific areas. 

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