This article will outline how to make minor adjustments to your tests. Please note that if you wish to remove or add new tasks to a test, we recommend creating a new test so as to not impact any existing test results.

1. Click on the edit (pencil) icon next to your test.

2. On the Update Test page, you can update your test title as well as the duration (the amount of time candidates have to finish the test once they've started). Be sure to click "Update" to save your changes! 

3. To edit a task slot, click the edit (pencil) icon. 

4. Here, you can select additional tasks for your task slot (that is, if you'd like to randomize your tasks so that different candidates see a different task for Task #1, etc.). Once you have selected your desired task(s), click the next arrow.

5. To configure your task slot, select the language(s) in which you will allow candidates to write solutions. You may also assign a specific score for the task. Click "Done" when you are finished.

6. Be sure to click "Update" to save all changes!

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