When sending a test to your candidates, you are able to customize the email invitation that they receive. Log into CodeSignal Recruiter and follow the steps below in order to configure your test invitation email to specify:

  • Default test sender [Optional and applicable for public tests and tests sent via Greenhouse]
  • Time before the test invitation expires [Optional]
  • Custom email message for recipients
  1. Select the test for which you wish to customize email invitations. Click the "Edit" pencil icon.

2. Click on "Configure Details."

3. [Optional] The first field is "Default test sender." 

If you plan to send tests from your ATS, specify one individual to list as the default sender so that recipients know who the test is from. 

For public tests sent to candidates via a Shareable Link, this field will help your team identify who sent the test to candidates. When reviewing candidate tests results, the individual specified here will be listed in the report along with the candidate's score, time taken, etc.

4. [Optional] The second field is "Time zone to associate with test." Select your time zone from the list of options. 

5. The third field is "Default time before expiration." Options range from one day to six months and specify how long the test invitation will be valid and accessible by candidates.

6. The fourth field is "Custom message candidates will see before the test." Here you can insert a message for candidates to see after they login to your test and review the instructions and before they begin solving tasks. Feel free to set expectations around next steps once the test is complete.

7. Finally, the last field is "Email invitation message" where you can edit the copy that appears in the test invitation email itself. We will add a link to the test below your message and include information about test link expiration, if applicable.

Hover over the information icon to see a full list of parameters you can work with. 

In summary, you have access to the following variables to configure the email:

  1. {{company}} - The name of your company.
  2. {{sender}} - The name of the sender. If the email is sent from an ATS, this will be the Default Test Sender configured above or the name of the test's author.
  3. {{candidate}} - The full name of the candidate (first and last names).
  4. {{candidateFirstName}} - The first name of the candidate.
  5. {{candidateLastName}} - The last name of the candidate.

You're ready to send! 

Questions? Email us at [email protected].

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