Our latest product release includes a new feature for Source customers as well as a few enhancements to the CodeFights Recruiter platform.

* Please take note of the ✨ symbol, which highlights changes to existing functionality.



  • Introduced Blind Sourcing


  • ✨ Hyperlinks
  • ✨ Updated Task Categorization
  • Bug Fixes

Introduced Blind Sourcing

Your Source Dashboard has a new feature! After opting in to use Blind Sourcing, candidate names and photos are blurred in order to reduce bias when evaluating candidates. 

If you are a CodeFights Recruiter Company Admin, you can apply this feature for all CodeFights users at your company by navigating to "My Profile Settings" and checking the box for Blind Sourcing under "Company Settings."


By popular demand, you can now view the following items in a new tab:

  • Recently Completed Tests (Test dashboard)
  • View Replay button (Interview dashboard)

Prevent obscuring your dashboard view by simply right-clicking or selecting "Ctrl" and clicking and view this content in a new tab.

Updated Task Categorization

Tasks that weren't assigned a level of difficulty had been labeled as "Hard" by default. Going forward, such tasks will not display a level of difficulty tag at all.

Bug Fixes

Test Dashboard

  • You can now import assets within front-end tasks.
  • When re-importing a task, company association will remain intact.

Interview Dashboard

  • In the case that interviewers and candidates type simultaneously at the same location within a line of code, our IDE will no longer fall out of sync.

As always, if you have any questions about the candidates you're seeing, the Source application, or any of the CodeFights Recruiter products, just let us know at [email protected] 

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