This CodeSignal Recruiter product release has two new updates for customers who use the Source application:

✨ Simplified categories
✨ Matched and messaged dates

Simplified Categories

We’ve now simplified the top header of the Source tool! All new candidates show up in New. Once you send a promising lead a message, they will show up in your Messaged tab. When you receive a response, they move over to the Replied tab.  Finally, the candidates you’ve passed on will show up in the Archived tab. 

Our goal is to make it easier for you to keep track of the candidates you’re engaging with on our platform.  You can still change the status of each candidate (ex. Screen, Onsite, Offer) with the dropdown within each candidate card depending on what stage they are in your recruiting process. 

We hope this simplified header keeps things simple and straightforward so that the focus is on reaching out to leads before other companies do! 

Matched and Messaged Dates

We’ve added dates to let you know when a candidate has been matched to one of your existing positions as well when you’ve last messaged with a candidate! This way, it’s easier to make sure you aren't losing track of your candidates.

As always, if you have any questions about the candidates you're seeing, the Source application, or any of the CodeSignal Recruiter products, just let us know at [email protected] 

Hire on!

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