You can send your candidates CodeSignal Certifications requests and CodeSignal Tests directly from Greenhouse. 


  • You have a working integration with Greenhouse. (Read more about setting that up in the article Greenhouse Integration: Setup Guide.)
  • You have provided your Greenhouse Account Manager with the assessment API key  that was created during your Greenhouse integration process (step 15 in the setup guide).
  • You must be logged in to your CodeSignal account.


  1. Open the candidate's profile in Greenhouse. 

2. Select the CodeSignal Test stage.
3. Click on Send Test

4. Select the certified assessment or test that you want to send, as well as the name of the person who should evaluate the test. The candidate's email address will be auto-populated.

5. Once the test has been sent, Greenhouse will display its status (i.e. "Sent"). 

Once the test is completed, the candidate's score will be recorded in the CodeSignal Test stage. 

Note: Greenhouse updates test scores once every hour, so there may be a small delay between a candidate's completion of a test and the recording of his/her score in Greenhouse.

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