You better watch out, you better not cry, the new CodeFights Recruiter Release Notes are coming to town! Not as exciting as Santa, perhaps, but much more useful. Take a look at our newest features, updates, and bugfixes, including some great updates to Interview.

  • Please take note of the ✨  symbol, which highlights changes to existing functionality.



  • (No notable feature updates)


  • ✨  We removed the CAPTCHA for candidates entering individual tests. 


  • ✨  The candidate’s solution is displayed when you review a completed interview (no need to wait until the end of the interview replay!).
  • ✨  We removed the CAPTCHA for candidates entering an interview.
  • ✨  The ‘Give feedback’ step is now optional, giving you more control over the candidate post-interview experience. 
  • ✨ You can choose to hide the task description pane for free-form interview questions. (To read more about doing this, check out this article.)

General Tweaks & Bug Fixes 

  • The lag that occurred when favoring and un-favoring a task has been eliminated.
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