To send a coding test to a candidate or candidates using Lever, you must first use CodeSignal to get the URL for the test.


  • You must be logged in to your CodeSignal account.
  • You must be logged in to your Lever account. 


1. On CodeSignal, go to your Test tab and select the test that you want to send. 

2. Choose either Invite Candidate (to create a private test to send to one or more candidates) or Shareable Link (to create a public test that can be shared more broadly). If you choose to send a Shareable Link, you will not receive email notifications from CodeSignal when a candidate completes the test, but you will see their results in your Test dashboard. 

If you choose Invite Candidate:

If you choose Shareable Link:

3. Copy the URL for the test, then go to Lever.

4. In Lever, go to the candidate's profile and click on the email icon

5. Click Template and select the email template that you want to use. 

6. Insert the URL for the test at the correct place in the email body, then click Apply.

7. Click Send to send out the email with the assessment link.  

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