Can you believe it's December already? Yeah, we can't either. We've been hard at work on new features, updates, and bugfixes to make the last month of 2017 even smoother for you! 

Some new changes to the Test results page make it easier for you to see and understand how your candidates have performed. 

And we've moved (online!) Head to now to access CodeFightsR. We've got an automatic redirect, but go ahead and update your bookmarks for easy access. 

  • Please take note of the ✨  symbol, which highlights changes to existing functionality.



  • (No notable feature updates)


  • Updated the date format for Test results so it’s easier to read.
  • Updated the Score column to be sorted in descending order.
  • Expanded the Test results page width so it’s easier to view.
  • Updated functionality for labels: Creating them is easier, no duplicate labels are allowed, and frequently-used labels are suggested as a dropdown.
  • Candidates cannot take a public test if the associated job is not active.


  • (No notable feature updates)

ATS Integrations & Administration

  • Improved the usability of the ATS user mapping step by using a typeahead field instead of a dropdown.
  • Updated the job mapping step for ATS-integrated clients by adding autofill for job titles. 
  • Clients that aren’t using CodeFightsR can now map jobs to Greenhouse and Lever in the Manage Jobs menu.
  • Assign jobs to your colleagues when you invite them to join CodeFightsR in the Manage Accounts menu. 

General Tweaks 

  • ✨  Update your bookmarks! Our new URL is instead of 
  • ✨  If you have CodeFightsR and a Greenhouse integration: Download the new version of the CodeFightsR Chrome extension.
  • ✨  Company profile pages now display better on mobile devices.
  • Updated our in-app notifications and messages to be more friendly and informative. 
  • Increased the page loading speed for your All Tasks page. 
  • Updated the guest account email that gets sent to all Test and Interview candidates.
  • If you’re switching from the CodeFights coder view back to CodeFightsR, the menu name is Switch to CodeFightsR instead of Switch to Candidate Dashboard. 

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed a bug in which some Lever/Greenhouse candidate profile links were not displayed on the test results page.
  • Fixed the Lever job mapping issue on Manage Jobs.
  • Fixed a bug with how archive reasons were displayed on the candidate feed.
  • Fixed the company profile page’s Learn More button.

As always, if you have any questions, let us know by emailing us at [email protected].

Hire on!

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