Note: Only users with Admin permissions can add new users, modify user permissions, or delete users in CodeSignal.

Invite a Colleague to CodeSignal

Step 1. Go to your profile drop-down and select Manage Users. Remember, you must have Admin permissions to do this!


Step 3. Enter your colleague's name and email address (lowercase letters only) into the modal, then click NEXT

If you are using our CodeSignal Interview solution, assign your colleague to relevant jobs and click SEND AN INVITE

Step 4. The new user will receive an email prompting them to log in to CodeSignal. All they need to do is click the button in the email and log in, then they'll be ready to start assessing candidates! 

Step 5. (Optional) By default, all new users have a user type of Manager. If you need to change your new user's permissions, click the drop-down menu that says Manager and select Admin instead.

Edit Users' Assigned Jobs

To edit which jobs a user is assigned to, click on the Edit icon next to their name. 

Select the jobs that you want to assign the user to, then click SAVE

Delete a User

To delete one of your company's users, click the Delete icon next to their name. You will be asked to confirm this deletion. 

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