CodeSignal has an extensive database of previously submitted solutions, and our system is very good at recognizing potential plagiarism in code. Our system runs comprehensive checks on every code submission you receive for your tests, and it returns the probability that a candidate’s solution was copied from code available elsewhere online.

If CodeSignal detects that there are similarities, this will be reflected in the candidate's results report. 

Compare Solutions

To see the code that the candidate wrote compared to the code that CodeSignal has identified as being very similar, click on the Similarity Score link (low, medium, or high) in the candidate's report. You'll be able see the candidate's solution side-by-side with the similar solution. In the example below, you can see that the candidate has simply copy-and-pasted the code they submitted:

What to do if there's potential plagiarism

If you’re interested in a candidate but the system says there’s a chance that they plagiarized a solution, we recommend sending them another coding test. If their results come back with no or low similarity, you can proceed with them. 

If you would like the CodeSignal team to review a candidate's test results, contact us at [email protected] 

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