This release of CodeFightsR includes several notable updates to Interview

Based on user feedback, we’ve improved the flow for creating, sharing, and administering interview sessions. (Be sure to read our step-by-step instructions for these new interview creation, sharing, and administration processes.) 

We’ve also introduced some new features that make collaborative code editing easier, such as color-coded cursors and a candidate tab location indicator.

* Please take note of the ✨  symbol, which highlights changes to existing functionality.



  • (No notable feature updates)


  • (No notable feature updates)


  • ✨  Updated the interview creation steps and the Interview dashboard
  • ✨  Simplified the steps to enter an interview session for both candidates and interviewers
  • ✨  Deprecated interview confirmation and reminder emails for interviewers and candidates 
  • ✨  Allowed candidates to join as guests
  • ✨  Enabled multiple interviewers to write and edit in the IDE
  • Marked each interview participant with a distinct cursor color
  • Introduced IDE tab location indicator so interviewers can see which coding tab a candidate is working in 

ATS Integrations & Administration

  • Created the 'Integrations' page so Test and Interview users can edit their ATS integration settings
  • Enabled links to ATS applicant profile pages on Test and Interview  
  • Removed a hard department filter for ATS job selection
  • Improved ‘Manage Jobs’ page usability

General Tweaks & Bug Fixes 

  • Fixed error messages upon logging out
  • Fixed UI issue for long names on Manage Accounts
  • Fixed errors with custom tasks in Interview 
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