As a best practice, ensure that you prepare for your upcoming interviews ahead of time. Work with your team to identify which tasks should be used with candidates during interviews. Once identified, you can search for the tasks in your task library and Favorite them for easy access during your interview sessions.

At the time of your interview, follow these steps to begin, conduct and finish your interview:

Step 1. Access the live interview session by one of the following routes:
Click on your interview URL in your calendar invitation. You will then be prompted to sign in as the interviewer by clicking I'M THE INTERVIEWER. On the next page, you will sign in via your company's preferred method. If your company uses SSO, always remember to sign in via SSO when logging into CodeSignal. 

Alternatively, if you are already logged into CodeSignal, click on the INTERVIEW tab and search for your interview session by candidate name under the PENDING tab. Click ENTER.

Step 2. You’re almost ready to go! Wait for all participants to enter the interview session before you select a task.

[OPTIONAL] Step 3. Click the JOIN VIDEO CALL button to start an audio/video conference call with the interview participants. Otherwise, feel free to use your organization's preferred conferencing method in conjunction with CodeSignal interview.

Step 4. Once the candidate is ready to tackle a programming question, click the CHOOSE TASK button and click Select Existing to see your task library. By default, you will see a list of your Favorite tasks, which you can quickly select from. When choosing a task you also have the option to Create New and Edit Current tasks.

Step 5. After the interview is over, click FINISH INTERVIEW to close the interview session.

[OPTIONAL] Step 6. Depending on your company's recruiting process, you may have the ability to leave interview feedback in CodeSignal. Rate the candidate and save your interview feedback in the Feedback tab. We find that it's best to do this right away, while your memory is still fresh! 

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