It's very easy to create a new CodeSignal interview session for your candidate. We offer multiple options for creating interview sessions including how to create sessions in Greenhouse and Lever. Below you will find each option detailed out.

OPTION 1: Use the CodeSignal Chrome Extension

Regardless of what ATS (Applicant Tracking System) you may use, you can create CodeSignal interview sessions quickly from your Google Chrome browser.

Step 1. Download our CodeSignal Chrome Extension.

Step 2. Log into your company's CodeSignal account.

Step 3. Once logged into CodeSignal, you can click the CodeSignal Chrome Extension icon from any webpage.


Step 5. Enter your candidate's name and click CREATE.

Step 6. Copy the newly created link to your clipboard and prepare to share it with your interviewer(s) and candidate!

Your previously created interviews can be referenced each time you click on the Chrome extension.

OPTION 2. Create the interview session from the CodeSignal Interview page

Step 1. Go to the Interviews tab.

Step 2. Click the + CREATE INTERVIEW button.
In the Create Interview pop-up, you have the option to add the candidate’s name and the job they’re interviewing for (if applicable). Then click SAVE. Adding the candidate's name here will help you track the candidate throughout the interview stages. You can also add this information later by clicking the Edit icon on your dashboard.

Step 3. Copy the interview URL to your clipboard and share it with both the candidate and the interviewer. Both will use the same link to access the interview session. 

If you need to reference the link at a later time, you may easily do so by searching for the candidate's name in the Interview dashboard. The link is in a column to the left of the candidate's name. 

OPTION 3. Create the interview session directly in Greenhouse (if applicable)
If you are using Greenhouse as your company's ATS, you have the ability to create interview sessions directly in Greenhouse. Doing so will save you time since you can operate solely in Greenhouse vs. switching back and forth between CodeSignal and Greenhouse. 

We have an entire article dedicated to creating interview sessions in Greenhouse. You may view the Greenhouse steps here

OPTION 4. Create the interview session directly in Lever (if applicable)
If you are using Lever as your company's ATS, you have the ability to create interview links directly within Lever. Doing so will prevent extra steps and allow you to operate directly within Lever to create interview sessions. 

As with Greenhouse, we have an entire article dedicated to creating interview sessions in Lever directly. Please view the Lever steps here

We want to save you time while also providing options when it comes to creating interview sessions. Let us know if you work with an ATS not mentioned above! 

If you have questions, please contact [email protected] 

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