There are a few ways to stay up to date on candidate results on CodeSignal.

Opt In to Email Notifications

The first step to receive assessment completion notifications is to visit My Profile Settings in your account menu. Scroll down to "Email Notifications" for Certify or Tests, depending on which CodeSignal solutions you are using, and opt in to real-time, daily, bi-weekly, weekly or no email notifications. Be sure to Save your changes!

Receive Notifications for Your Candidates Only

If you are inviting candidates by direct invitation

If one or more of your colleagues are also inviting candidates to take a specific test, you will likely only want to receive notifications when your candidates complete the test. If this is the case, click on the test and ensure that you are not subscribed to it. Subscribing to a test enables you to receive notifications for all candidates who complete the test. If you are subscribed, simply click the button once more to unsubscribe.

If you are inviting candidates by shareable link

If you are inviting candidates by shareable link, you will receive notifications for all candidates who complete a test via that link. In this case, be sure to create your own shareable link and make sure that you are subscribed to it.

Feel free to add a label to your shareable link to denote that it is yours! Any CodeSignal Admin can create a label for you, so please contact a member of your team who is an Admin or reach out to CodeSignal Support for assistance.

Receive Notifications For All Candidates

To receive notifications when any candidate completes a test, select that test and click the Subscribe button.

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