Select an Interview Session

1. Click on the INTERVIEW tab in your company's CodeSignal account. If you have Interview permissions, you will be taken to this tab directly.

2. Click on the FINISHED interviews tab. 

3. Search for your interview by candidate name by clicking on the Search icon.

If you have Manager or Admin permissions, you will be able to filter interviews by Interviewer (the person who conducted the session) or Author (the person who created the session).

Having trouble finding your completed interview session? Click here to troubleshoot.

Review Solutions

1. Once you have located your interview session, click on the VIEW REPLAY button.

2. On the left hand side, you will see each task that you worked on with your candidate in a list. Click on a task to view a replay of the solution.

3. Adjust the task description pane to view all solution details such as Language and Submission status.

4. Click the Play icon towards the bottom of the screen to review a real-time recording of the coding session. Note that audio and video from our chat feature are not captured here.

By default, the replay will skip any portions in which the candidate was not actively coding. Click the arrows to the right to speed up the replay up to 32x

5. Note the Activity Indicator to see how often the candidate was leaving the IDE during your interview. 

Share Interview Replays

You can share a replay of an interview session with your hiring manager or another colleague as long as they have CodeSignal Manager or CodeSignal Admin permissions. Simply copy the URL to the interview session and paste into an email or chat message.

Contact [email protected].

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