There are two ways to send tests to your candidates from CodeSignal.

  1. Create a custom URL via the "Invite" button
  2. Create a public URL via the "Link" button

Invite Candidate

This method of sending test to candidates is helpful if you wish to track whose test invitations are "Pending." In the Tests tab, select the test that you want to send. Click on the Invite button near the top right in the page.

Enter the candidate’s name and email address, then select the length of time before the test expires. 

NOTE: The "Expires In" field here will override the default test expiration period that may be set on the test itself. Learn more about setting a default test expiration period for your test here.

You have the option to invite more candidates at this time by clicking the "Add more candidates" button. 

When you’re done adding candidates, click Create Invitations.

On the confirmation screen, ensure that the candidates’ email addresses are correct. At this point, you can either copy the screen URL and send it to the candidate OR click Send Invite if you would like to send an automatic email that includes the link to the coding test to the candidate.

Create A Shareable Link

Alternatively, if you have dozens of candidates to send a test to and want to save time, create one shareable link to your test that can be sent to multiple candidates. 

NOTE: With this method, you cannot track which invitations are "Pending."

In the Tests tab, select the test that you want to send. Click on the "Link" button.

Click "CREATE NEW LINK" to produce a new shareable link. Now you can copy the shareable link to your clipboard and send it to multiple candidates at once.

When using shareable links, you have the ability to "Subscribe" to a shareable link to receive email notifications when a candidate completes the test. You are able to manage these notifications under your Account tab at the top right of the page. Click "My Profile Settings" then scroll down to the "Email Notifications" section.

You have the option to create a label at the same time of creating a shareable link. 

Labels are helpful if you plan to send the link to a bulk of candidates from the same hiring event, for example. Type the name of the label, then select a color to help you track candidates who complete the test under this specific label. 

You can filter by labels in the Results tab. Simply click on the label to see a filtered view of those candidates who completed the test via the shareable link. 

Questions? Email support[email protected].

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